PAPEK s.r.o.

Our breeding

Our farm of 450 m2 is placed in the former state farm in the village of Popovice near Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou. Nowadays, we breed 4 species of insects:

  • Zophobas morioSuperworms
  • Tenebrio molitorFlour beatle – mealworm
  • Alphitobius diaperinusLesser mealworm – Buffalo worm
  • Blaptica dubiaArgentian wood cockroach

The insects are bred in plastic containers placed in rack systems. All the premises of the farm are connected to the forced ventilation ensuring sufficient fresh air.

Feeding insect

Delivery once per two weeks

The insects offered come from our own production - Popovice Farm near Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou

The size of insects - we deliver only standard sizes

Insects for food

Supermarkets in Belgium started to sell food from insects. In what modifications are insects eaten around the world and can we expect having them on our plates sooner or later? Will a juicy steak be replaced with a worm? Ptá se Klára Janicki. (12.1.2015 16:40 - Trendy ČRo Plus)

You can cook insect delicacies by yourselves. The chef recommends visiting a pet shop: Would you like grylline insects with butter or grasshoppers with couscous? (10.4.2013 -

An insect pizza, made with mozzarella,
tomato, cumin, mealworms, and the
larvae of zophobas morio beetles.
Foto AFP 14.5.2013
- Radio Free Europe -
Eating Insects in Kalifornia, USA
- National Geographic 5.3.2008
• One California man would like more of us to eat insects. He even adds them to the ingredients of candy in his candy store.

Producing Bio Pellets

Nowadays, we prepare to put a small line for producing bio pellets from droppings of the insects bred into service.


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