Our breeding

Our farm of 450 m2 is placed in the former state farm in the village of Popovice near Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou. Nowadays, we breed 4 species of insects:

  • Zophobas morioSuperworms
  • Tenebrio molitorFlour beatle – mealworm
  • Alphitobius diaperinusLesser mealworm – Buffalo worm
  • Blaptica dubiaArgentian wood cockroach

The insects are bred in plastic containers placed in rack systems. All the premises of the farm are connected to the forced ventilation ensuring sufficient fresh air.

farma Popovice farma Popovice

We use crushed vegetables, peeled potatoes and fruit as feed materials. We use bran and feeding meal as bedding straw. We buy all the components mentioned directly from manufactures in almost food quality.

Storage, preparation and feeding itself also follow high standards. The sorting of insects according to their size is made by means of our sorting machine with the capacity of 200 kg/hour.

We deliver insects in plastic boxes by means of a refrigerated delivery truck to the place of delivery 1 per 14 days.

Nowadays, we prepare to put a small line for producing biopellets from droppings of the insects bred into service.

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